August 2020

Howdy everybody!

Wanted to check in with everyone. See how you & you & you have been making things happen in your world since March. I know everyone has a story and mine & Wholly Cow’s is all relative and no better or worse than anyone’s.

I aim to be better at posting something every day or so. We would love to hear from you as well.

Want to Focus on Some of the Positives (we’ll have plenty of time to talk about the negatives later) that have been happening since the Stay-at-Home orders and re-openings. Although the Fredericksburg Peaches crop is down to about 30% this year; we have been fortunate enough to have some cases in stock each week. They are Super Sweet & Juicy. Stop by the Lamar location and take a bite!

We also have added some new recipes of Salsas, Jams and Vegetables to our Wholly Cow Product Line… Everyone has loved the Ghost Chili Pepper Salsa, now we have added a Serrano Salsa & a Carolina Reaper Salsa. We will supply the tissues to wipe away the tears (we also have drinks and ice cream for sale).

We also have been asked for years to have Hats. We will have Trucker & Flex-fit hats to compliment our Wholly Cow Burgers Shirts.

Gotta jump into the kitchen but look forward to talking with you guys again soon. Have a Blessed and Energized Day.

Jeff & the Wholly Cow Family.